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Jan 30 2010 - The iPad

by Adrian Hughes - 11:34 on 30 January 2010

Well after much `secrecy` (hahah) the iPad was finally revealed and shown to the world.


The event was attended by the mass media and as always with these events am sure they made sure there was enough Apple fans in the crowd to make the noise as and when required.

When they announced the iPhone and the iPod, these were devices that were entering a market that already existed but the actual products were a new take on the idea, or had something that made them standout from the crowd.

The iPad doesn't. Its been called an iPod touch stretched and its true. Its functions all can be performed on an iPod touch, even the Apps written for the Touch will work on the device with hardly any change (if any).

The touch screen tablet machine has been around since 2001, and hasnt really gone anywhere, because unsurprisingly the need for a computer like device thats portable and small has been pretty much fulfilled by smartphones, netbooks and laptops (depending on size wanted).

So why would anyone pay $499 for an entry level iPad that only has Wi-Fi, NO full web support (Sorry Mr Jobs but the net without flash is NOT supporting the web `as it should be seen`) and iTunes/iBooks. I mean the interface is not new, the screen maybe lovely but its not light and portable, it has no phone function, even tho will support 3G (at an extra cost option of course). So who would buy it? The apple faithful of course. The people who buy ANYTHING that has an Apple logo on it regardless of its functionality and value for money. There are millions out there who blindly purchase everything that comes out of Cupertino. They are who Apple aim ALL their products at and hope by the 2-3rd iteration finally start making a product that FUNCTIONS for the masses.

I hope that Apple's entry into the tablet arena will make HP and MS sit up and realise that with a bit of work they could match the iPad (not exactly hard to beat it really) and start making devices cheaper and with a lot more functionality. Then again, as I stated at the beginning of this blog, its a device thats already covered by other devices and never really took off before, so why do we need any tablet machines at all?!

Watch this space..

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